Aaron O’Blacks Pushes Grime To A New Territory

by Blessing Borode

18th September, 2018

From the depths of Beckton East London rises rapper and producer Aaron O’Blacks who released his debut single ‘Eastside’ (produced by Father Demo) a month ago and is now venturing to claim his place at the top of the UK Grime scene. Aaron O’Blacks has produced for other small time Grime/Hip-Hop artists and has decided to step into the booth himself and uncover the layers to his artistry. As O’Blacks precisely spills his love for his hometown you soon realise that this is a beat that every MC has to have. The simplicity of the track reflects the raw sounds of what Grime truly is, taking listeners back to the vibrant days of when Grime only existed in East London tower blocks. O’Blacks is planning on releasing new music in the near future, so pay attention to this thrilling new voice as this is not the last time we will hear from him. Grime gods Stormzy, Skepta, Kano and many more have put in ground work over the years so it’s only right for O’Blacks to continue to push Grime into exciting new territory.

Listen to more on Soundcloud.

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