A Tale Of Love & Loss In Alessandro Ciminata’s ‘Signs’

by Lucy Lerner

10th October, 2019

“Gimme a sign that you’re still mine”

Indie-pop sensation Alessandro Ciminata releases his new single ‘Signs’ via Yada Yada Records. It’s his second single this year and touches on loss and love and despite its fairly upbeat tone, contains poignant lyrics that tug on the heartstrings.

The ghost of you keeps my heart alive,
Your shadow dances round the fire.
In this bed I still feel for you now
It’s like nothing had ever changed.

Alessandro Ciminata has a knack for telling a story and stirring feelings through his music which is always thought-provoking, whether it’s through emotive vocals, narrative lyrics or multi-layered production. ‘Signs’ is particularly heartfelt and conjures thoughts of nostalgia and the deepest kind of love. The track was produced by Jack Gourlay (Rhodes) in his North-East London studio.

The talented singer-songwriter describes the inspiration behind ‘Signs’, “Last year I lost my granddad, he’s been married to my nan for 60 years. I’ve always wondered what my nan felt, after losing him, when trying to fall asleep on the same bed they’ve shared for years.

Alessandro Ciminata is looking forward to releasing his debut EP and playing his first London headline show at The Waiting Room on October 22nd. See here for tickets and catch him while you can.

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