A Sexy Playlist and New Single From Fabich

by Lucy Lerner

9th November, 2018

London-based producer Fabichhas recently released his sexy single ‘Talk To Me’ featuring funk and soul infusionist Jafunk and singer-songwriter Liska. It’s a delicious cocktail of funk, groove, sultry vocals and sensual tones encapsulated in a super chilled package.

With Fabich and Jafunk having previously worked together, ‘Talk To Me’ explores the artist’s reinvention of musical storytelling. The song draws upon the producer’s observations on sexualization. Promoting freedom of speech, the song exudes confidence and a sensuality that’s hard to deny. Of course, it’s still the ideal song to dance to and not just for the bedroom!

Fabich commented, “You know that I love creating stories when I’m making a song. One day in session with Liska & Jafunk, we start talking about our personal experiences. The vibe in the studio was amazing and one of us came up with one of the sexual experiences they’d had a few weeks ago. It was about having sex but in a really free way! It’s never easy to let yourself go with someone but once you try it, the feeling is amazing”.

Fabich has created a playlist especially for Neon Music which continues the theme of sexual exploration. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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