A Lovely Bunch Of ‘Coconuts’ From Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn

by Jade Dadalica

10th August, 2018

Frankie Stew may sound like he has a hard outer shell and this new track oozes an enjoyable and fresh feeling, just like a coconut.

Summer 2018 is truly a hot one and this track matches that description effortlessly. With the intro making me feel as if I’m on a hot island, and some of the first lyrics being ‘this year I can’t be out of pocket’, which is what I tell myself at the start of every year and I still end up spending all my money, the track is relatable and on trend.

‘Coconuts’ combines two lots of top talent. Harvey Gunn splashes his producing talent onto this fiery track and the melody, instrumentation, and Frankie Stew’s flowing lyrics are all top notch. A rap/electric & dance styled beat? There is nothing matching the boy’s electricity when they’re in the zone together.

However, these two aren’t quite an upcoming act anymore with their streams regularly hitting the 1/4 million mark on Spotify…you know…casual numbers…not! London, Brighton, Bristol, and Manchester, are a few of the headline tours that Frankie and Harvey have sold out. Clearly, popularity isn’t a problem for these two.

With amazing instrumentals and lyrics that flow like the ocean ‘Coconuts’ will well and truly crack open some new fame while Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn head out on their Autumn tour.

You can stream ‘Coconuts’ here.

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