Zoe Watson Releases The Mesmerizing Dust

by Lucy Lerner

9th May, 2022

“Whether your plans go accordingly or not, the world is still out there and it’s still marvellous.”

Drift on a river of emotion with Zoé Watson‘s song Dust. The genre-bending song twists and turns and the somewhat edgy melody juxtaposes the meaning of the song which is how beautiful the world is.

Zoé discusses the inspiration and meaning behind the song, “I remember writing it in a dingy rat-infested attack in Harringey at like 4 am trying to sing as quietly as possible because the walls were paper thin. It’s funny to think of that now because the song is about how beautiful this world is. I was feeling like I was finally out the other side of a break-up, and just a very tumultuous time in my life, and I felt like suddenly this enormous space opened up in front of me. When you’re suffering, or in love, you’re so blinded – I felt like I was seeing the world with fresh eyes. And I just wanted to jump into all of it and roll around. But there’s also this tremendous sadness that comes with the appreciation because it’s all temporal.”

The English singer-songwriter-producer has certainly captured our attention with her beautiful lyrics, dreamy soundscape and mesmerizing qualties.

Dust it out now.

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