Zoe Ko’s Rib Cage: A Heart-Wrenching Exploration Of Homesickness And Love

by Marcus Adetola

9th August, 2023

Zoe Ko's Rib Cage: A Heart-Wrenching Exploration Of Homesickness And Love

Zoe Ko‘s latest song, Rib Cage, captures the raw, visceral emotions of life’s complexities – a song that resonates with anyone who has ever felt the pang of homesickness or the warmth of love.

The track begins with a haunting verse, where Zoe sings of a “disease where I miss things that were never there.” It’s a line that immediately pulls you into her world, a world filled with transient memories and the longing for something more substantial. The imagery of unpacking boxes only to tape them up again in a year is a metaphor that speaks to the instability of her childhood, a theme that permeates the entire song.

However, Rib Cage is not just a lamentation of the past; it’s a celebration of the present and a hopeful look towards the future. The chorus truly shines, as she sings of finding home in a person rather than a place. “I caught the homesick, so emotionally homeless, and I’m searching through your rib cage like a closet,” Zoe croons, her voice filled with a yearning that is both beautiful and heartbreaking.

The instrumentation of Rib Cage is equally compelling, building steadily throughout the song to a crescendo that mirrors the emotional release of the lyrics. Warm harmonies blend seamlessly with raw lyricism, creating a soundscape that is at once comforting and unsettling.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Rib Cage is Zoe’s ability to turn something as abstract as homesickness into something tangible and relatable. Her description of her partner as a family home, a place she knows “inside and out,” is a sentiment that will resonate with many. It’s a song that speaks to the nomad in all of us – the part of us that is always searching for a place to call home.

The bridge and outro of Rib Cage serve as a fitting conclusion to a song that takes listeners on an emotional journey. The imagery of a “brick red house” and “dead leaves in the middle of spring” is a stark contrast to the warmth and comfort found in her partner’s arms. It’s a reminder that, even in the darkest of times, love can be a beacon of hope.

Zoe Ko’s Rib Cage is indie pop at its finest. If you haven’t heard it yet, do yourself a favour and give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

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