Ziggy Alberts Pours His Heart Into New Release

by neonmusic

3rd September, 2021

In his most candid self, Ziggy Alberts pours his heart into the lyrics of circus, making it one of his most personal yet universally relatable tracks appearing on his latest album, searching for freedom. It’s a lyrically ambitious track, which makes use of the extended metaphor of a circus in order to speak about the follies of humankind.

“I think when we choose to treat ourselves and each other poorly, we are going to do the same with animals. I’m not vegan but I am honest about that and the fact we have to try and support cruelty-free operations concerning humans, animals and the planet. I think we can forever continue to be better to ourselves and to each other on this beautiful planet.” – Ziggy Alberts

In this piano and guitar lead track, circus does exactly what Alberts intended for the listener, to be taken on a lyrical journey “to look up four minutes later and wonder where you went.”

It’s a journey for sure, full of quiet emotion and introspection as well as observations of wider humanity and worldwide life as a whole. Ziggy Alberts is at the top of his game on this lyrical masterpiece.

searching for freedom is out now.

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