heartbeat By Ziggy Alberts Has A Powerful Sense Of Storytelling

by neonmusic

19th December, 2020

Dust off one of your parents’ old vinyls, place it on the turntable and move the needle to the beginning. What comes out of the speaker might sound something like the timeless sounds of Ziggy Alberts, the self-made folk singer from Australia who is quietly, slowly and surely, taking the world by storm.

Heartbeat is the first song we hear from Ziggy’s upcoming 2021 album, searching for freedom, and if it’s anything to go by, we’re in for a hell of a treat. Hushed tones, evocative lyrics and a powerful sense of storytelling is what comes across instantaneously in this brilliant new track from Alberts.

The song tackles the theme of love and how it can come in different formats when you least expect it. Future and past are melded together, adding to the timeless feel of Ziggy’s vocals and the music video itself. The visuals see a 1940s dance class turn into a lifelong romance as we see couples at various stages of their life, culminating in a saccharine-sweet performance from the older couple in the video.

Heartbeat is a gorgeous video which perfectly captures the spirit of Ziggy Albert’s music – that songs should be the most intimate form of storytelling, and that we are all deserving of love.

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