Yury Picks Up Pace With Single ‘Branded’

by Marcus Adetola

28th February, 2020

Yury picks up the pace with his new single ‘Branded’ and it is a clear statement of an artist not settling for mediocrity in this rap game.

Life is a race for this globetrotting artist who is on a mission to break creative boundaries.

Yury mentions it  several times like a battle cry.

I don’t get fazed, you should have seen how I was raised,
life is a race, so i pick up the pace,
Don’t be talking out of place, think that you know me, thats not the case

The lyrical flow on the track is impeccable, precise, and overall pretty damn good. 

Most importantly, Yury’s delivery means his tone, pitch, and volume is on point.

‘Branded’ stands out because of the creative arrangement and development of the instrumentals on the record – it is a piece of fine craftsmanship.

‘Branded’ is a track that bangs hard and sets the pace for all who dare in hip-hop.

Multi-talented artist Yury wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered the record.

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