With Pleasure Is An Infectious Release From Vissia

by neonmusic

11th April, 2021

Brimming with infectious energy at the edges of the music scene, VISSIA’sunique brand of sunshine-fuelled alt-pop demands to be listened to. Her full-length release, With Pleasure, is a must-listen and is out on the 30th of April.

A joyous pop offering that delights in detailing the full spectrum of the human experience, VISSIA plumbs the depths of emotion and love in all its various and complex forms. From the platonic love and friendship support of tracks like the stunning The Cliffs and My Wom, to the sultry vibes of the fleeting dancefloor romance explored on On My Mind, the Canadian star proves her hand at translating universal human experiences into catchy pop tunes you will have humming in your head all week.

Stellar moments in the album come with the most extreme highs and lows. Gratitude and love seep through like a sunbeam between curtains on The Cliffs, a laidback neo-soul tinged track that celebrates platonic love. The bassline drifts like a lazy Sunday morning but the chorus is rousing enough to get you up and out, feeling ready to embrace the adventures that the day brings. Contrastingly, the final track About Moving On is a lo-fi exploration in synth and lyrically some of VISSIA’s best work. It details the fallout of a nasty breakup, speaking specifically about seeing the person who stomped on your heart when you’re least expecting to. The song is cinematic, describing the event as if in slow motion, and accompanied by a beautiful video in which VISSIA is shown to be lying in a field of reeds, totally out of place – and is incredibly well conceptualised.

VISSIA is the kind of artist who builds herself from the ground up, her Patreon ensuring that her fanbase is a truly dedicated one, and doing most of her own graphic design and marketing. The DIY sensibilities she has shine through on this record, which is the very sound of a woman taking absolutely nothing for granted and revels in the everyday moments which make up this thing we call life.

With Pleasure is an enchanting listen, and is out on the 30th April 2021.

VISSIA recently contributed to our music wellness series and you can read her article here.

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