Will Knox Instant Coffee: A Harmonious Solace Amidst The Chaos

by Marcus Adetola

28th September, 2023

Will Knox Instant Coffee: A Harmonious Solace Amidst the Chaos

British-born singer-songwriter Will Knox unveils his latest single, Instant Coffee, a poetic concoction of melodic guitars and mesmerising vocals that narrates a musical journey that evolves into a euphoric resolution. Produced by the illustrious Ian Grimble, the mind behind the sonic landscapes of Daughter, Bear’s Den, and Matt Corby, Instant Coffee is a lyrical odyssey, a reflection of Knox’s introspective journey through life’s intricate dance.

This musical gem is the first to be released from Knox’s highly anticipated debut album, set to enchant the world in autumn 2024. It arrives as a double A-side release, featuring the equally compelling bonus track, Leave The Light On, adding another dimension to Knox’s musical tapestry.

The lyrics of Instant Coffee are the heartbeat of the song, echoing Knox’s experiences and emotions. They are a symphony of paradoxes, a dance between laughter and tears, a dialogue between the profound and the mundane. “I feel like laughing; I feel like crying; I feel like nothing. Nothing’s new,” Knox sings, encapsulating the universal human experience of contrasting emotions.

The song is a lyrical exploration of Knox’s journey during lockdown, a period marked by self-discovery, impending fatherhood, and a resolve to confront and heal past wounds. It’s a poignant reminder of the continuous journey of healing, a narrative of learning and unlearning, beautifully encapsulated in the recurring lines, “Oh it’s never over, healing and then hurting, repeating without learning.

Will Knox is a weaver of worlds, a storyteller who, with a few chords and words, brings to life the shared histories and experiences of humanity. His songs are not just musical compositions; they are narratives, stories of shared names and shared journeys. They are the reflections of overthinkers, overeaters, and overdrinkers – the collective symphony of human existence.

Will Knox © Liz van den Akker
Will Knox © Liz van den Akker

Leave The Light On, the bonus track, is another chapter in Knox’s lyrical book, a revelation of his struggles with communication and self-expression. It’s a plea for understanding and patience, a testament to Knox’s journey to find his voice amidst his fears.

Instant Coffee is Will Knox’s soul translated into music, a harmonious blend of emotions, experiences, and stories. The song is a reminder that music is the universal language of the soul, a refuge where every note is a step in our odyssey and every word a brushstroke in our collective painting.

So, let’s immerse ourselves in the lyrical world of Instant Coffee, let’s find our reflections in Will Knox’s words, and let’s embrace the musical solace that his songs offer. It’s a journey of introspection and revelation, a dance of words and melodies, a beacon of light in our shared journey through life.

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