Wild Black’s Stay Dreamin: A Journey Of Self-Discovery And Healing

by Marcus Adetola

26th July, 2023

Wild Black's Stay Dreamin: A Journey Of Self-Discovery And Healing

Prepare to embark on a soul-stirring sonic journey with Toronto’s rising star, Wild Black, as she launches her debut single, Stay Dreamin’, under the wings of Next Door Records. Brimming with diverse musical flavours, she ingeniously weaves a genre-blending tapestry that dances from the raw edges of melancholy to the vibrant embrace of hope, liberation, and sheer joy.

This exhilarating piece is the fruit of a remarkable collaboration between Wild Black herself, Ash Lamothe from We Were Lovers, and two-time Juno nominee Derek Hoffman. Their efforts birth a sonic backdrop that flawlessly marries the introspective verses to a chorus so electrifying, it dares you not to dance.

Stay Dreamin’ is a barefooted walk down the winding lanes of Wild Black’s mental health battles, including her tussle with ADHD, anxiety, and depression. The process of penning the song acted as a therapeutic dialogue with her inner child, a soothing lullaby that wraps comfort and encouragement around each note. The result is a track that resonates deeply and sticks with you long after the last chord fades.

Dive into the mesmerising visuals of the Stay Dreamin’ music video, which paints a vivid story of a Californian road trip teeming with adventure and self-discovery. The scenic video matches stride with the song’s stirring narrative, echoing themes of heartache, internal turmoil, growth, rebirth, and the gentle reminder to love oneself. It’s a journey, not just of miles, but of introspection and metamorphosis.

Lyrically, Stay Dreamin’ stands tall as a beacon of positivity and resilience. Heart-tugging verses like “Hold on / You’re riding all the waves tonight / With fire burning in your eyes / Been dreaming of another life” and soul-soaring choruses such as “Here’s to a year filled with love and magic possibility / Here’s to a life filled with hope and healing, what a feeling” are both poignant and powerful, a call to rise to life’s adversities with an unyielding spirit and never stop dreaming.

With Stay Dreamin’, Wild Black unveils a deeply personal anthem that echoes universally, a courageous statement from an artist who isn’t hesitant to bare her heart and share her struggles. It’s a compelling first glimpse of the immense talent that is Wild Black, a sign of the exciting musical voyages yet to come from this gifted singer-songwriter. So, hitch a ride on Wild Black’s journey of self-discovery and healing by streaming Stay Dreamin’.

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