Why Are You Waiting For Tomorrow? Samzy’s ‘Living For Today’

by Natasha Moore

20th November, 2017

Fresh from collaborating on ‘Dance Floor’, Samzy, rapper, and musician from South Manchester has released his inspiring new music video ‘Living For Today’ and it brings some positivity in light of the Manchester terror attack this year. ‘Living for Today’ is aimed at promoting unity in the UK which is emulated in the diverse and unique city of Manchester. It reiterates how in times of adversity people from all backgrounds, race, and religion can come together to face any challenge which stands in their path. Let’s make a better life for ourselves.

The Audio
The hook is infectious, the fast-paced delivery of the empowering lyrics leads to a track that everyone can get on board with.

The overall sound is quite distinctive and engaging, the intro automatically throws you into the chorus without any hesitation. Then again, why would you hesitate in listening to a song which promotes living in the present and donning a strong work ethic?

With so much sh*t going on in the world today, it’s truly refreshing to hear an artist who changes the status quo and uses his talents through art to express a positive message.

The lyrics and melody work perfectly together to produce a song worthy of all of our attention.

The Video
The contrast between the dilapidated buildings in some shots compared to the pure joy on the dancer’s faces highlights the resilience and strength the people of Manchester have when times are challenging.

The visuals of the Manchester Bee symbolises strength in numbers, how working in a team will always take you further than trying to deal with situations alone.

Samzy has effectively produced a powerful message through the bars and notes in ‘Living For Today’, but the question is were you taking notes?

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