Why Are You Streaming & How To Make It Efficient?

by neonmusic

20th April, 2024

Why Are You Streaming & How To Make It Efficient?

Since the pandemic started, people have shifted to streaming on their smart gadgets rather than traditional television.

Streaming offers more content- shows, movies, documentaries, animated content, etc., at your fingertips. 

All you need is a strong Internet connection, an active subscription, and a smartphone or tablet to stream anything. 

It gives you the freedom to lay on the comfy couch and stream whatever you want anytime.

However, it may incur heavy electricity bills or geo-restrict your content. 

Don’t worry about such trivial things because here I will tell you how to make your streaming more efficient with CyberGhost and other top-notch hacks.

Why People Prefer Streaming?

Back View of a Man Playing Music on His Phone
Back View of a Man Playing Music on His Phone

In layman’s terms, the streaming process is the back-to-back transmission of video or audio files from a server to another device. It happens in real-time.

People prefer to stream a video rather than download it to save storage space.

According to reports, people spend 8-9 hours daily on online streaming. Thus, the consumption of streaming content is huge.

However, you cannot stream geo-restricted content without changing your IP address.

You can use a VPN connection to change your geolocation online. However, the Internet is flooded with several cheap and unreliable VPNs.

Thus, you need a secure VPN for streaming global content. According to CyberGhost, you can watch diverse online content by using its large base of servers spread across the globe.

You can use two streaming methods to access IoT. The User Datagram Protocol (UDP) method transports data packets across networks by using the Internet Protocol (IP). 

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) sends the transmitted data to the network chronologically. Thus, it is a more user-friendly method.

How To Make Streaming Efficient | How To Make Streaming Faster?

Lastly, users need speed and reliability while streaming a video online.

Since the streamed content is stored elsewhere, hosting location makes a big difference.

Two Women Listening on White Iphone 4 Using Earbuds
Two Women Listening on White Iphone 4 Using Earbuds

Thus, you must take care of the following things to make your streaming sessions uninterrupted. 

  1. Go for smaller screens instead of big ones. Tablets and smartphones consume less energy than laptops. It will help you to save electricity during binge-sessions.
  2. Always keep your screen brightness subtle. The auto-brightness feature allows you to adjust the brightness according to ambient light and consumes less energy.
  3. Use Smart TVs to save electricity and data. They have smart components that reduce electricity consumption.
  4. Always use ENERGY STAR® certified digital media gadgets to save up to 45% energy.
  5. Use a high-speed internet connection to avoid buffering issues.
  6. Use your gaming consoles for gaming activities and not for streaming content.


I hope that this article on how to stream online content efficiently helped you to understand the streaming process and hacks to save energy while streaming your favourite content online. 

You can rely on CyberGhost to access geo-restricted content by using their servers across the globe. 

It allows you to stream on up to 7 devices at once at HD resolution. So, say goodbye to buffering and enjoy watching your favourite content by using CyberGhost.

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