“When We Are Deep In Our Tracks We Like To Be In Our World” – Interview With SACRE

by Lucy Lerner

7th September, 2018

Welcome to the “shiny and warm” world of Parisian electronic duo SACRE.

Sukil and Hawaii aka SACRE made waves earlier this year when their single ‘Gaia’ was playlisted by the one and only Pharrell Williams on Apple Beats 1. They released their critically acclaimed debut EP ‘The Call’ to the delight of tastemakers across the globe, their recent single ‘Lemonade’ reached #2 on the on the Hype Machine charts. And now listeners are thrust into the glossy remix project of ‘The Call’ which features collaborations with Gigamesh (Rhianna, Crystal Fighters), the Victoires de la Musique-nominated Elephanz, as well as cuts from Chopstick & JohnJon, Uppermost and NTEIBINT.

Neon Music interviewed these electronic superstars to find out more:

Tell me about your remix package for your ‘The Call’ EP. What can listeners expect?
We have very different tracks, with a high level of creativity. Gigamesh, Uppermost, NTEIBINT, Chopstick&Johnjon, and Elephanz! All great artists!

Describe your sound to new listeners?
SUKIL : We try to make our sound very shiny and warm.
HAWAI : Like a place where you feel comfortable.
A colored nestle.

What is your song ‘Lemonade’ about?
This story is about a human beginning his life deep in the ocean. After staying on the beach for half a verse he passes through an inextricable jungle.
He finishes his journey at the top of a volcano where he is welcomed with a glass of fresh lemonade.

Who or what is inspiring you at the moment?
The idea that humanity is One.

Why the name SACRE?
SUKIL : We were looking for a name for a moment, it came to us while we were looking at a panther.
HAWAII: It was a leopard.
SUKIL : A panther.

What have you been up to this summer?
HAWAII : We were looked in the studio, trying new processes, new instruments.
SUKIL : We also experimented with new ways of writing tracks…very cool summer !!

Favourite place to perform and why?
We are just about to start to perfom…can we answer next year?

Top 5 tracks for 2018
Rejjie Snow – Rainbows
Yaeji – Raingurl
Vince Staples Yugen Blakrok – Opps
ZHU, Tame Impala – My Life
Velvet Garden – Nazaha

What TV series are you hooked on at the moment?
SUKIL : Nothing at the moment, when we are deep in our tracks we like to be in our world, with our characters, and in our lands.

If you could remix any song in the world what would it be and why?
Julia from Jungle remixed by Soulwax. The purity of the skies meets the mankind’s madness.

What’s next for SACRE?
We are working on a project which will be released in November and will last for a year. Also, we are finishing a hybrid DJset in which we sing and play stuff. For that, we have spent a great time in the studio, writing, recording and reworking tracks from artists we love in a SACRE way.
Big work. Big fun.

Stream ‘The Call (Remixes)’.

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