WESLEE Puts On A Show At Omeara London & Releases New Single ‘Venus’

by Jade Dadalica

18th November, 2019


‘We NEED to see them again’ was the first words out of my friend’s mouth after watching the fantastic duo WESLEE perform at Omeara London. The tiny venue was filled to the brim with fans crammed into every gap available, there’s no hiding that there’s a huge following for Josh and Emma, the talented, unique duo behind WESLEE.

Developing their own sound through a love for Tracy Chapman and Kwabs, WESLEE can switch up your emotions as soon as the words leave their mouths and the beat hits your ears. The R&B duo is so in sync that you just know that they were born to work together and make incredible, touching music. With that being said, 24 hours after the release of their first track ‘Gassed’, it was made Radio 1’s Hottest Track.

The fun, talented duo who took Omeara by storm has an incredibly bright future and I can’t wait to see their musical bond grow even closer.

WESLEE’s new single ‘Venus‘ is out now.

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