We Are Here For It All With Noah Slee

by Marcus Adetola

6th June, 2020

We are Here For It All with Noah Slee as he pledges solidarity with intoxicating and bewitching sounds. Here For It All is a flawless blend of hazy RnB vocals on a bed of soulful and jazzy instrumentals. With the addition of a smooth hip-hop flow from the Californian rapper, Mike Nasa adding the finishing touches to the track.
The track has an old school vibe with a bop that makes it instantly stand out when you listen to it.

When Noah wrote this song, he couldn’t have imagined how relevant his words will be. The quarantine is one situation, but equally as important is the fight for justice for people of black origin right now in the world.

‘This song is about support, it’s about community. The hook came to mind after I had been consoling a good friend when they had lost someone close. Death is a part of life and its important to let your people know you’re here for them. I wrote this song from gratitude for the people that have my back. I know what it’s like to be an outcast and sidelined so relationships are my most valuable currency. This one is for my people and it’s a reminder every time I hear it back or play it live so many faces come to mind. Friends, family, community it’s all LOVE. I had planned to release this song before the pandemic was even a thing and I feel it is even more timely and I hope it brings people comfort and lil needed bounce’. – Noah Slee

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