‘Want Me’ Is A Playful Pop-Soul Offering From Buwa

by Terry Guy

25th November, 2019

We have the biggest smile on our faces right now, simply because of Buwa’s new single ‘Want Me,’ which is a flipping tune. With one hell-of-a catchy hook and a confident, soulful vocal performance, the Nigerian-born solo artist is ensuring that ‘Want Me’ is up there in the rankings with other 2000’s Soul Pop classics such as Ceelo Green’s ‘F*ck You’ and Lloyd’s ‘Dedication To My Ex (Miss That),’ Its Motown-esque production reminds us of Mark Ronson-bliss at times, so much that you will without a doubt be wanting to throw some shapes come the second chorus, just before that memorable, middle 8 section, which is the best-build up to that awesome finale, especially when Buwa reaches his higher register and really shows us just what his powerhouse voice is capable of.

When listening to ‘Want Me’ for the first time, you will be instantly captured by Buwa’s sexy voice, performing over a muted, rhythm guitar in its’ opening, which is supported by handclaps, keeping the upbeat tempo, and lyrically it is a bold statement to that special someone. The brass instruments which drop in the second chorus onwards, keeping the main hook nice and warm, add to Want Me’s uplifting tone, as well as that beautiful, group vocal and effortlessly played Piano chords during the outro section, which is quite simply stunning.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Want Me’, Buwa says, “Music is as important as the air I breathe and being able to create music is a blessing, it calms me down and allows me to express my emotions in more ways than mere words without melody could allow the freedom to express. ‘Want Me’ is a fun uptempo song that shows a very fun side of me. It talks about a girl who I know wants me because I can definitely see it in her eyes. She lies that she’s definitely not into me and its all in my head but her body language and her eyes give her away, and I can tell that she wants me and I definitely want her too”.

Buwa is a ridiculously talented singer and songwriter who is bringing back a much-needed throwback vibe to the mainstream again. Be sure to also check out his gorgeous and quirky visuals for ‘Want Me,’ out now.

‘Want Me,’deserves an almighty, standing ovation and it should be on every playlist out there this year.

Buwa’s debut EP ‘Olu’ will be released on 1st December.

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