Virginia To Vegas Releases Feel-Good Anthem ‘betterman’

by Marcus Adetola

20th February, 2020

American-born Canadian singer-songwriter Virginia to Vegas (aka Derik Baker), has come a long way from been discovered on Youtube. Since then he has signed to Wax Records and had his most successful single to date, ‘Just Friends’ which reached the Top 5 on Canadian Radio and was featured on Taylor Swift’s personal Apple Playlist.

In new single ‘betterman’ Virginia To Vegas tells the story of the journey of redemption to rediscovering a better version of one’s self. The track has a loveable chorus, vocal hook, and the repetitiveness of the melody drives the song into the listener’s brain (in a good way!) The piano chords, synth chords, drums, and the main melody are simple but go so well together. Vocals are soothing and lyrics are simple and memorable which make for a good, catchy pop song.

‘betterman’ is a feel-good EDM and pop crossover song and it will stick in your memory for some time to come.

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