Video Premiere: Falling Into Drown By Cameron Hayes

by Lucy Lerner

28th April, 2020

Following our premiere of Cameron Hayes’ Drownearlier this year, the talented artist has released her debut music video. The visuals follow the same temperament as the song. Cameron is in isolation in a rather sparse, dimly lit room and her only companions are the mirror and TV.

Ironically the visuals were filmed before COVID-19 but indicate an ominous impression as well as uncertainty and loneliness. The reflection in the mirror depicts how Cameron Hayes is feeling inside and the TV screen is bleak. There are also aspects towards the end of the music video which display the sense of going a bit insane through distorted and multiple images.

Despite the gloomy feeling, Cameron’s facial expressions bring the music video to life. You resonate with her pain of feeling lost and falling purely through her hypnotic eyes. There are clever touches such as water rippling on her skin and when Cameron’s pupils dilate. I love the ending when Cameron ends up on the TV screen then disappears altogether from the room. Especially as she sings, “I’m on the other side.” It’s a little bit reminiscent of the film Poltergeist. Director Willem Olenski was very creative with this music video and it has an idealistic feel.

So here’s a last goodbye,
Lost in the water, falling under.
I’m on the other side,
Going forever,
I’ll never drown.

Listen to this stunning version of Drown recorded live at London’s Dean Street Studios. It shows yet another beautiful dimension of the song and proves how versatile Cameron Hayes is.

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