Valley Sixteen Releases Stunning Debut EP Apartment Flaws

by Lucy Lerner

2nd June, 2021

Valley Sixteen is the new bedroom pop star you need to have on your radar. She has recently dropped her debut EP Apartment Flaws that perfectly captures the heart and soul of a young woman going through the trials and tribulations of life. The 5 track EP has an overall melancholy feel and what stands out the most is Valley Sixteen’s raw, heartbreaking vocals that reach into your very soul. She makes the project an intimate, immersive experience with dreamy soundscapes and honest lyrics.

“The EP strings together a collection of records I have made on apartment floors all over the world – from my hometown of Cape Town & Johannesburg in South Africa to Heidelberg, Munich & Frankfurt in Germany.”

Valley Sixteen told Neon Music exclusively about Borderline, the first single on the EP: “Borderline” is the lead single off my debut project, “Apartment Flaws” & I wrote & recorded the track on a bathroom floor in a tiny hotel room in Frankfurt. This track touches on my experience with mental health & relationships, and how difficult it is to allow the people around you in without allowing them to paint you as the villain. Within all the tracks, especially borderline, I explore the idea that “wherever you go, there you are”. It didn’t matter how hard I tried to escape the old me, she always followed, even halfway across the world.

Apartment Flaws is out now.

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