Ty Brasel And Jay-Way Join Forces On The Cinematic MAD 2 THE MAX

by neonmusic

28th March, 2023

Ty Brasel And Jay-Way Join Forces On The Cinematic MAD 2 THE MAX

For the MAD 2 THE MAX visuals, the dynamic duo Ty Brasel and Jay-Way join forces for a black-and-white cinematic portrayal of a film noir-inspired quest to solve a crime mystery scene. 

Directed by Mike Folabi, Moses Kinnah, & Juan Urrutia, the MAD 2 THE MAX music video finds fellow IVAV artists Ty Brasel and Jay-Way in a more creative setting, taking on roles of detectives from the period of 1940s and 1950s. Rocking the signature trench coat, and vintage police hat look, Brasel with Jay-Way maintained a high-energy, entertaining performance. 

The music video for MAD 2 THE MAX is not just a visual representation of the track, but a cinematic experience that takes the viewers on a journey through the streets of Transcendence. As the detectives Brasel and Jay-Way investigate the crime scene, they encounter obstacles and opposition that test their resolve. The black-and-white film noir-inspired visuals add to the track’s overall mood, creating a sense of urgency and tension that matches the song’s theme. The attention to detail in the video, from the vintage police cars to the atmospheric lighting, adds to the authenticity of the detective story. The MAD 2 THE MAX music video is not just a music video, but a work of art that showcases the creativity and vision of the talented team behind it.

Ty Brasel speaks about the track: “Continuing with the themes of purpose and passion, ‘MAD 2 THE MAX’ is a feel-good banger that is carried by a nonstop flow and a catchy melody.” The visuals incorporate the track’s positivity, mainly captured with Brasel’s solo scene vibing to tongue-twisting wordplay and Lebron shot-outs. 

MAD 2 THE MAX also acts as a focus track from Ty Brasel’s most recent, sixth studio album, TRANSCENDENT, which further explores the artist’s redemption story marking his spiritual shift. The rest of the album offers an insightful look into Brasel’s journey with catchy melodies, life mantras, and infectious beat flows.

“To ‘transcend’ something, you rise above your limits and overcome whatever’s holding you back. That word is reflective of my own life experience. Trauma, fear, and pride can get in the way of you accomplishing your goals. I’m here to show people, using my own life and my own music as an example, that you can always keep going.” says Ty about his new record.

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