Tori Thomas Finds Hope In Her Debut It Gets Better

by Lucy Lerner

15th April, 2021

Tori Thomas reveals her emotions in her relatable debut single It Gets Better. The song feels intimate despite a crescendo of harmonies and instrumentals. The stripped-back instrumentals heighten the sentiments and feeling of despair and then hope that things will get better.

“This song was written trying to encompass the exact moment when you feel the switch from a desperate darkness to the slightest sliver of light. It’s not meant to be an uplifting anthem, rather a realistic depiction of the relentless perseverance it takes in reminding yourself things do get better over time”. – Tori Thomas

Tori Thomas grew up listening to folk songs around the campfire in the Connecticut suburbs. Her music draws on inspirations and fascination with the cosmos and songwriting in a methodical, analytical way with deeper meaning in her lyrics. In describing her thought-provoking debut It Gets Better, Tori says, “The title may imply an uplifting ballad, but this song is not meant to be an anthem rather a realistic depiction of the messy, non-linear series of thoughts that go through your head when you try to find yourself again”.

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