Top 5 Apps to Get Your Music NoticedLaunching a career in entertainment can be a challenge, even for the most talented performers. With intense competition and countless financial barriers, it can often feel like putting your musical aspirations on hold indefinitely is a smarter choice than trying to pursue your dreams.
Fortunately, even if you’re not getting the recognition you seek just yet, you can still get your music out to a wide audience with little effort. Using social media, your music can travel around the world, reaching the influencers you need to make you a star. Here are our top 5 apps to get your music noticed:

Spotify: Is it a music app? Is it a social network? While Spotify’s model may be a unique hybrid of the two concepts, its execution means that you can get your music out to a potential audience of millions without having to beg your friends to listen to your latest song. Even if you don’t have a record deal yet, you can get your music onto the site and app using one of Spotify’s preferred music aggregators, who can make sure that all the proper licensing has been handled and may even get you paid if your tunes take off.

Instagram: Instagram’s implementation of video capability has made the platform perfect for aspiring artists. The app makes it incredibly easy to upload your music, whether in a traditional video or as part of an Instagram story and use hashtags to make sure it reaches the right audience.

YouTube: If you’re eager to get your full-length performances noticed or upload footage of your live shows seen, no app will help you reach that goal faster than YouTube. While there is an undeniably huge amount of content already on YouTube, just one view from the right person, whether that’s a famous musician or record label executive, can pluck you out of obscurity. Just remember, huge stars like Justin Bieber were found on YouTube.

Facebook: An oldie but a goodie, Facebook is still a helpful utility when it comes to getting your songs out there. With its easy sharing options, its user base of billions, and the ease of connecting with influencers on the app, Facebook is still the gold standard when it comes to sharing content.

Potentiam: One of the best upcoming apps for independent artists, Potentiam is a blockchain music platform it lets you upload your music, album art, bio, and tour dates, and can help you reach out to other indie artists who might want to help you out along the way. It will not only benefit artists but music creatives in general, it also creates an opportunity for fans of music to earn from supporting their favourite acts and more.

Just because you’re not blowing up the Billboard charts just yet, it doesn’t mean you need to flounder in obscurity until your big break arrives. With a little creativity and the magic of social media, you can get your music out to a wider audience than you ever imagined possible, all from the comfort of your own home.