Time is ticking all over the capital,
And I’ve been drinking myself to sleep

Time is running out for Terry Guy’s powerful new lyric video Ticking which captures the current mood of Britain. Taken from his forthcoming debut album, the Alt-Rock artist shows passion and flair through his lyric video and a song that displays raw vocals and dynamic instrumentals. 

Ticking was written pre-coronavirus but it achieves the feeling of being united in uneasiness. From the stunning beginning with the emotive piano to the powerful, repetitive drums and eloquent strings. Each instrument has its own time to shine. 

“’Ticking’ was written in 2017 when the Grenfell Tower fire and the London Bridge terrorist attack both occurred. During this time, I remember feeling as though the place where I was born and had grown up was falling apart, but not just for these reasons.

When I read that during this time, the victims of hate crime in London consisted mostly of Muslims and gay men, this statistical fact, along with the incidents I just mentioned altogether sent me into a period of depression, and ‘Ticking’ was one of many songs which was written as a result of this difficult era for me.
It was a profoundly sad time and one which was has never really officially left me.”
– Terry Guy

The South-East Londoner further conveys his message about social issues through haunting harmonies. The lyric video ends with compelling, vintage flashback images interspersed with Terry himself in a church. He looks very serious and then smiles which immediately disperses the tension you feel throughout the song. Powerful stuff.

Ticking follows previous releases This Is What It’s Like To Feel Lonely and Terry’s memorable Brown Eyes. It has been over a year since Terry Guy released music but he is back with a bang and we’re ready for his debut album Cloud Zero In Society which is sure to be packed with more impassioned music.