The Vulnerability Of Resa Is Delectable On Sunday

by Marcus Adetola

17th May, 2020

The vulnerability of Resa is delectable on Sunday, the latest single on her Dumb And Numb EP. She pulls you into a lustful abyss, enticing you with the gentle but seductive tones of her vocals. It weaves itself like a serpent around the ambient instrumentals. While her lyrics trickle sweet like honey as she surmises her desires that excite your appetite. Sunday is sensual and burns with passion, but Resa makes you feel the emotions at her own pace satisfying your craving in earnest. It’s an exciting and risqué track from a relative newcomer, however, Resa’s delivery is like that of a veteran.

Singer and songwriter Theresa Frostad Eggesbø, aka Resa recently released her EP Dumb And Numb, out via Toothfairy Music. It is worth checking out.

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