The Transitional Qualities Of Joy By Redd

by Marcus Adetola

27th August, 2020

The transitional qualities of Joy on the new single by Redd amid throes of loss are very relatable. After life-altering moments such as loss, people often feel like life cannot go on, but it does. There can be light at the end of the tunnel. Redd takes us on this journey of discovery using lush instrumentals and tones steeped in melancholy. With gentle warming vocals, enamored with calm and reflection, she sings about her journey of loss and recovery.

This song is about my mother’s passing in the fall of 2014. The goal of the single Joy is to create a safe space for those that have lost someone, create a space for empathy for those that haven’t, and create a relaxing vibe for listeners. – Redd

The new single Joy will be a feature on Redd’s highly anticipated album Monsters & Mothers. Be sure to check out her previous single K-Town.

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