The Top 5 Love Songs of All Time

by neonmusic

12th February, 2018

Setting the right tone for Valentine’s Day takes more than just lighting a few candles in your home and picking up a gift. To hit exactly the right mood, you need some romantic music to serve as the soundtrack for your evening. While you can take a chance on Valentine’s Day playlist from a streaming service, there are a handful of romantic hits sure to make anyone melt. If you want to make this your most romantic Valentine’s Day celebration yet, make sure to add these love songs to your list:

Unchained Melody: While it’s been covered by countless artists, from Elvis to LeAnn Rimes, the Righteous Brothers’ version of Unchained Melody, released in 1965, is still widely acknowledged as the best version of the song to date. This classic ballad, which touches on themes of love, desire, and loss, is perfect to enjoy a slow dance to and is certain to make anyone get anyone with a heart into a romantic mood.

Nothing Compares 2 U: Written by Prince, this ballad made famous by Sinead O’Connor in the 1990s is still one of the most gut-wrenching love songs ever written. The song tells the story of a romantic relationship that’s now over, the end of which has only convinced one partner how much she needs the other.

Maybe I’m Amazed: Paul and Linda McCartney’s love story was truly one for the ages, and the music it inspired is just as iconic. Maybe I’m Amazed, recorded during the former Beatle’s time with Wings, remains one of the most heartfelt love ballads ever written to this day.

Wild Horses: If you’re looking for a song that’s equal parts romantic and sexy, the Rolling Stones’ Wild Horses certainly fits the bill. This slow ballad, famously covered by Mazzy Star in the 1990s, is one of the most powerful love songs of all time, its lyrics and slow guitar working in tandem to articulate the power love and infatuation can have over a person.

Someone Like You: While many of Adele’s thunderous ballads, like Rolling in the Deep, are hardly what you’d consider romantic, Someone Like You is an exception to that rule. Focused on the pain of seeing a long-lost love move on and fall for someone else, this song is as romantic as it is heartbreaking.

Make this Valentine’s Day your best one yet with the perfect playlist. Adding the right music to your roster this year is sure to set the right mood, igniting the passion between you and your date.

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