We arrived at L’Escargot in Soho at 10:30 am and sat in the downstairs restaurant tucking into some pastries before we were ushered upstairs to the Salon Noir where we were due to watch our first act who was the Russian pianist, GeNIA. The room was beautiful and the large skylight above our heads created a stunning setting to listen to her music in.

GeNIA played a 20-minute set and gave us insights about the songs she played. One of them included the influence of Brexit. GeNIA said that she wanted to reimagine the mood of the country during this time when we learned what the outcome of the referendum was and I truly felt some of that come through in her music. Especially when the notes got lower and there was almost something sinister in it, like the mood change that we went through during this time.

GeNIA also played a song that mimicked raindrops pouring down a window and it was quite special, reminded me of a delicate soundtrack you could see attached to a Christmas movie! I really enjoyed the set.

The next act that I had the pleasure of watching was Emocion in the Salon Vert, a gorgeous green room decorated with old-fashioned plastering on the ceilings in the shape of golden faces. One of my favourite rooms in the building which is like a little block of history!

Emocion is a cultural jumble of talented musicians from all over the world, each of their backgrounds influencing the music that they play. The second they opened their 20-minute set I knew that this was going to be an amazing set. The floor was shaking from the percussion and the voice that came from the vocalist went straight through my heart and it was magical. The voice was so powerful and the passion that emitted from all members of the band was beautiful.

The band did a cover the opening track from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and it was extremely well done. I was a great fan and I have taken a strong liking to them. I will definitely be returning to London to catch another show of theirs in the future!

The last act we went to see was Lots Holloway in The Library. She had a very soft yet husky at times voice and the music was stunning. It fits right in with the on-trend indie music scene. The favourite song of mine that she played was ‘Stay a Little Longer’. Holloway has a definite style to her and I look forward to seeing more from her soon.

L’Escargot hosted The Soho Music Festival in style and it was a memorable event in a beautiful venue.