The Slow March of Time Flies By is a sentimental song by The Shadowboxers with dreamy undertones. It is richly narrative with wistful lyrics and heartfelt vocals. Taken from the trio’s debut album of the same name, it is a beautiful, intimate song with visuals that take the same tone. They show a girl scrolling through The Shadowboxers’ Instagram page and each band member singing different verses via videos interspersed with photos. The chorus is emotionally driven and harmonious as the trio comes together.

Photos fade like memories
The music stay, the color leaves
Like water on a piece of wood
Some of it sinks in for good

Like an old photo, you can go back to The Slow March of Time Flies By, again and again, smile, and reminisce.

I can’t quite recall the man I was
It seems I blinked and now he’s me
When did all these just the other days
Turn in to distant memories
While you’re searching for a rhyme
The slow march of time flies by

The 12 track album from The Shadowboxers flirts with various genres from funk, to alt-pop, R&B and soul. Some songs crisp and contemporary and others deliciously retro. Yet despite the genre-blending, there is a cohesiveness through the band’s strong storytelling and powerful harmonies.

“We’ve spent a decade in search of our identity, meandering our way through different styles and genres in hopes of landing on something that all three of us can see ourselves in. This is the album where we found it. We locked ourselves in the studio and didn’t come out until all three of us felt like we’d communicated our visions and seen them through. Just us. No one else. No one to hide behind or pass the ball to. We fought, we compromised, we faced issues that had been building up for a decade. And we came out on the other side with The Slow March of Time Flies By, our most honest work to date.” – Scott Tyler of The Shadowboxers