The New EP From Soulful Fox Will ‘Hypnotize’ With Its Warm Tapestry Of Sounds

by Malvika Padin

7th August, 2018

With a soft and smooth sound, Soulful Fox’s latest offering ‘Hypnotize’ is a treat for the ears.

The EP, consisting of three tracks, comes with a strong yet ethereal and chill ambiance.

The solo project- Soulful Fox- started by Liverpool based Sophy Haes brings forth music that transports you back to the sounds of artists like Enya, Sade, Peter Gabriel and Lemon Jelly.

Sophy, who started off as music teacher makes music as Soulful Fox that is highly polished, with a delicate yet rich range of sounds and emotions. Making downtempo tracks with a twist, Soulful Fox’s music is calming and chill yet comes with a powerful throbbing bass that drives the tracks.

With beautiful, throaty vocals intertwining with soulful string cascades and a more technical vocal sample manipulation, the EP right from the downtempo title track ‘Hypnotize’ to the piano-based ‘Say It To Me’ wraps you up in a warm tapestry of music.

Soulful Fox has recently collaborated with JJ Christe for a new single which you can listen to here.

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