The Irony Of Beleave Me (Don’t) By Gianna

by Marcus Adetola

19th May, 2020

The irony of Beleave Me (Don’t) by Giannais an emotionally intense affair. It reverberates as a sirens call, as Gianna seduces with her sumptuous and alluring vocals. Her vocals wrap around the sparsed and delicate instrumentals swirling with sensual desire enough to blindside a lover. On the other hand, lyrically, it is saturated with indecisions that will leave a lover lost in limbo. Gianna’s vocals thrive on the background sounds, and together they create an intense revolving atmosphere.

I feel sorry for anyone caught in this web of uncertainty. However, for the listener it’s intriguing and captivating. Beleave Me (Don’t) is not an uncommon situation in society today, making it relatable. It’s an emotionally toxic affair, and Gianna brilliantly captures the feelings with both her lyrics and delivery.

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