The Fine Qualities Of Drink To Forget By Carissa Shockley

by Marcus Adetola

17th April, 2020

The fine qualities of Drink to Forget by Carissa Shockley featuring Brenden needs to be appreciated. Like a fine wine, it gets better each time you listen to it. It’s a finely calibrated multi-dimensional track infused with different genres of music. The fluid and harmonically rich melodies are intoxicating.

To begin with, Carissa Shockley teases you with lines of nostalgic lyrics to draw you in. Then the bass drops with an emotionally-rich chorus that is exhilarating. And, no sooner than it comes in, it is withdrawn and you are hit with a second dose of melancholic lyrics. Shortly, Brenden lays lines of crisp conscious rap verses. Then suddenly, the song switches to acoustics before morphing into a drum and bass track.

Drink to Forget is a song you take in sips to appreciate it’s hidden and finer qualities.

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