Teen Producer Petit Biscuit Releases ‘Waterfall’ Ft Panama

by Trista Greeno

11th October, 2017

‘Waterfall’ is the latest song by Petit Biscuit featuring Panama, and it is an astonishing accomplishment for the eighteen-year-old French producer and DJ. Currently working with CHAB of Daft Punk and Air, Petit Biscuit has captured the feel of the French dance scene in ‘Waterfall’ with a soft intro consisting primarily of piano before layering it with warming beats and ambient vocals. There is an atmosphere of being at peace throughout the duration of the song that is reviving and stress relieving between the use of the bass and the various electronic effects. My favorite part is the outro where Petit Biscuit has used this steady, moderate beat and followed everything with a sudden silence. Then he adds only the vocals with the same soft piano as everything slows down. In my opinion, that truly adds a nice touch to an already vibrant song. Petit Biscuit is going to be making massive waves in the industry with such incredible talent at a young age. Petit Biscuit’s debut album, ‘Presence,’ is confirmed for release on November 10th.

The track is the first release from upcoming debut album ‘Presence‘ which can be pre-ordered.

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