Tash Sultana’s Pretty Lady Has All The Ingredients To Make You Smile

by Lucy Lerner

14th April, 2020

Tash Sultana’s Pretty Lady has all the ingredients to make you smile and your heart sing. You get a shot of Vitamin D via vibrant vocals, glowing strings and acoustic guitar layered over sizzling hand claps. 

Pretty Lady is the Melbourne artist’s first single of 2020. It was co-written and produced by Tash Sultana in her studio with Matt Corby and Dann Hume (Formerly of Evermore). She had the idea in the back of her mind for six years but it only just came together towards the end of last year.  Tash doesn’t release music that often, but it’s always worth the wait when she does.

I know that don’t try to tell me
Like I’m passing through a lesson learnt in time
But I know we’ve been over this
Why can’t I break through the other side
See I see how you see me 

The music video would be special despite our current quarantine situation, but it is very relevant to how we’re all living. Around 60 of Tash’s friends, family, and fans are shown performing a choreographed dance to the song from different parts of the world where they are currently in isolation. I’m sure it wasn’t hard to move to this uplifting music. 

“The idea behind the video was to really inject some joy and fun into people’s places of isolation, but also to highlight the diversity of spaces and places and show that we are all in this moment in time together, dancing in solidarity.” – Tash Sultana

Pretty Lady is one of those feel-good songs that will be at the back of your mind for the foreseeable future. If you’re feeling sad, bored or frustrated, stick it on, turn it up loud and smile. 

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