Drift Into The Carefree Neo-Soul Vibes Of Rinse At 30 From Yaz León

Sat Sep 19 2020

Drift into the carefree neo-soul vibes of Rinse at 30 from Yaz León. The emerging artist’s new single features sunny flourishes and imbues a soothing feeling but the subject matter is a little deeper than that with cynical lyrics. The song rotates around a lot of ideas like issues with youth identity and familial racial […]

Insane By Sabrina Francis Conjures A Feeling Of Summer And Joy

Tue Sep 15 2020

Insane by Sabrina Francis conjures a feeling of summer and joy. There is a delightful rhythm to the song which just makes you want to swing your hips. Vocals are as soothing as honey and lyrics radiate friendship, family, dancing, and enjoying life to the full. This song is just what we need in our […]

Desmond Myers’ Chinatown Hooks You With Its Sultry Groove

Thu Sep 03 2020

Chinatown hooks you with its sultry groove and Desmond Myers provides the swagger. This hazy slow-jam is filled with funk and loose-limbed, nostalgic R&B. With flashes of psychedelic flourishes and studded hooks, Chinatown simmers and hypnotizes. Desmond Myers is an American singer-songwriter from Statesville, North Carolina who lives and works in Paris, France. He will capture […]

Living in the Post Is The Alluring Single By Emma Negrete

Wed Sep 02 2020

Living in the Post is the new alluring single by independent artist Emma Negrete. She takes you on a journey of sounds and emotions with her unique style. In the first part of the song, her vocals swirl with defiance around the sparsed instrumentals. Lyrics evoke a spirited effort to stay grounded before breaking into […]

Kumari D’Shay Proves There’s More Under The Surface In Enigma

Mon Aug 31 2020

Kumari D’Shay proves there’s more under the surface in her new single Enigma. Reiterating she cannot be something she isn’t, she hasn’t met other’s expectations and is going to do it her way even if it means she won’t get as far by pretending to be someone she’s not. “We’re living in times where information […]

Premiere: 909 by Damaged. Immediately Envelops You

Fri Aug 28 2020

909 by Damaged. immediately envelops you in its opaque grooves and when the vocals drop, you are instantly hooked. Damaged. manages to weave an emotional thread of pain, anguish, vulnerability, and soul in the brief 2 minutes and 29-second song, and most of that feeling comes from her vocals alone. The new song from LA-based […]

JUICYPEAR’s Golden Sky Is Summer Encapsulated

Sat Aug 22 2020

JUICYPEAR doesn’t know the meaning of sugar-free with their new single Golden Sky. It is a deliciously sweet song and one hit takes you rocketing to the clouds on a sugar high. With a funky, disco rhythm, syrup vocals, and lyrics about traveling in style, living in a dream, and basically loving life with the […]

Blush’ko’s Al Capone Acoustic Conjures Romantic Ideals

Tue Aug 18 2020

You don’t have to be in a romantic mood to appreciate the acoustic version of Blush’ko’s Al Capone but it certainly conjures romantic ideals. Perfect for sultry summer nights the lovingly plucked acoustic guitar courtesy of Matty Fads warms your heart. Blush’ko‘s raw vocals tenderly caress the melody with pure emotion. The whole song makes […]

Boyan x Lina Nikol Drop Soulful Song My Time

Wed Aug 12 2020

Boyan x Lina Nikol drop the soulful song My Time. Both artists of Bulgarian nationality collaborate to produce a piece of mesmerizing music. Producer Boyan crafts honey-sweet instrumentals that act as the perfect backdrop to the divine Lina Nikols. She lays silky smooth vocals that swoon with a timeless appeal. The fluid mix of the […]

Reece Drops The Infectious New Single BACK FOR ME

Wed Aug 12 2020

Reece drops the infectious new single BACK FOR ME. It’s one of those songs with sad lyrics you just need to put on replay. However, the vocals from Reece shine the most with impressive qualities that are attention-grabbing. His vocals glide smoothly on the sparsed instrumentals at a steady tempo and with atmospheric sounds that […]

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