“Truth Is My Main Writing Process” – Interview With Raphaella

Wed Jun 19 2019

We’re over six months in and ‘Happy’ is Raphaella’s first release of 2019. Filled with an 80s synth soundscape, a dark-pop feel, Raphaella’s dreamy vocals, and gritty lyrics, it’s definitely worth waiting for. The multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer sings about trying to be happy for an ex who has moved on despite not feeling […]

Triple Threat Raphaella Releases New EP ‘Imagine’

Wed Jun 13 2018

If you could fuse both electronic and pop music together with elements of R&B that would be the best way to describe North London Singer-songwriter and Producer Raphaella’s newly released EP ‘Imagine’. Consisting of 4 tracks which all differ from each other but add that extra something to complete the full package. We are introduced […]

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