Òlah Bliss Finds Love Complicated With We Only Live Once

Wed May 20 2020

Òlah Bliss finds love complicated with We Only Live Once. She relays the tale of a one night stand after too much champagne and is not sure how to explain it to her boyfriend. “you’re really cute, it’s such a shame, I don’t remember your fucking name” The track starts with birds singing as she […]

ÒLAH BLISS Does Not Trust Hoes

Wed Apr 22 2020

ÒLAH BLISS does not trust Hoes. We all know they aren’t loyal. No pun intended. It’s interesting that when artists sing about trust in a relationship, it can sometimes appear insignificant or unreal. However,ÒLAH BLISS lets her sensual vocals do the talking, backed up by the moody and wavy instrumentals. She makes you feel what […]

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