Lil Halima

Lost Love Portrayed In The New Video By Elias Boussnina x Lil Halima

Thu Feb 28 2019

A few weeks after his ‘Shameboy‘ EP release, Elias Boussnina unveils the visuals for the lead single ’13th floor’ featuring Lil Halima and it’s a jam. ’13th floor’ contains all the qualities we have come to love from ‘Shameboy’: polished R&B with a mysterious, brooding aesthetic. It perfectly compliments Lil Halima’s delicate vocal melodies and […]

‘Shameboy’ Is A Magnetising Debut EP From Elias Boussnina

Fri Feb 15 2019

If you like your music sticky toffee rich, dark, and sultry then look no further than Elias Boussnina whose debut EP ‘Shameboy’ is out today via Universal Music Denmark. It is an intimate and vulnerable representation of emotions we can experience during a relationship. Elias is very expressive through his smooth flowing lyrics and the […]

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