Surf the ups and downs of life with Pink Shades by Wild Rivers. The song flows like a river on a winding course taking you through relatable emotions prevalent in life. Wild Rivers invitingly weaves laidback vocals onto guitar acoustics with folk-like qualities consenting to the fact life is a constant flow where ups and downs are part of the whole. Although the lyrics at the start of the song feel bleak, there is a profound feeling of hope from the infectious chorus that shines with pop tendencies alluding to life being fluid and never stagnant. 

“Throughout my life, there have been a lot of difficult conversations with loved ones where I was desperately trying to understand what they were going through. One explanation that really stuck with me over the years was that depression is like walking through life with rose-colored glasses, and when they come off, the world suddenly looked – and felt – different and unfamiliar. It’s about weathering life’s ups and downs, and (hopefully) helping someone who is struggling.” – Khalid (Wild Rivers)

Pink Shades is an exciting piece of work from Wild Rivers. The band is made up of Khalid Yassein (vocals, guitar), Devan Glover (vocals), Andrew Oliver (guitar, bass) and Julien Laferriere (drums).