I will never let these petals fall for you again

Sunflower is a lush R&B cut from Mighloe with stunning vocals and a languid melody. You can feel the warmth, sunflower yellow, exuding from the music but the visuals do a clever job in replicating the heat and vibrancy. 

“It’s about finding strength in my fragility. Forgiving my uprooting and replanting myself. I pay homage to my pain, and feel powerful in my scars.” – Mighloe

The music video, directed by Dizzy Dinero, shows a couple who are supposed to reflect Adam and Eve and it is filled with colour, nature, love, and sunshine.

The Toronto based singer-songwriter shines in Sunflower. Every aspect is filled with golden warmth from the reverb guitars to dazzling harmonies and Mighloe’s unique vocals born to seduce.