Summertime 2016 is unforgettable for Jae Luna for good reasons. Jae references simpler times when young love blossomed with no worries of tomorrow. However, sadly, all things come to an end. Jae creates a vivid picture of what happened in the past, comparing it to the pains of adulthood. Jae’s vocals slip and slide over strings and mellow instrumentals, mesmerizing you with the sweet melody filled with melancholy. His lyrics are regretful and tell-all about the unforgettable moments.

“It’s a song about longing for a simpler time, where things were easier in the past and we didn’t have to worry about the complications to come.” – Jae Luna

The production on Summertime 2016 is crisp and distinct. It’s a track that sticks with you as it is so catchy and memorable.