Sophie Kilburn Expresses Her Feelings In Anthemic Release 'Broke'These are very strange times we find ourselves in and music continues to be our saviour when we need it the most. British singer-songwriter Sophie Kilburn wasn’t thinking of the world falling to its knees when she wrote her new single ‘Broke’ but it certainly feels relevant to how we are all currently feeling. That feeling of attempting to overcome change, dealing with loss and anxiety. ‘Broke’ is the kind of song that starts somewhere in the pit of your stomach and continues to shoot sparks throughout your body as it goes on until it feels like fireworks are popping off all over the place and endorphins are fizzing.

Produced by platinum-selling producer Jack Gourlay, ‘Broke’ starts quite slowly and ends up as a blood-pumping, anthemic, 80s tinged pop-rock song about losing someone and how that can affect you in your everyday life.

“You fell with a broken wing, leaving me your broken thing”

The Derbyshire-born artist describes her new release, “Broke is a light bulb moment. A realisation of how losing someone from your life can completely change your behaviour without you knowing.

In crowds/social situations you are numb or overcompensate. It can make you distance yourself from all your relationships both romantic or platonic. It breaks you. You date people and take on their baggage to avoid addressing your own. The song is an outpour saying I’m not okay.

Sophie is working on her new EP ‘My Room Made Public’ which contains themes of dealing with loss and fears of intimacy.