by Marcus Adetola

13th March, 2020

SLIM MUCHO drops gems on ‘SINCERELY MUCHO’ for whoever is smart enough to listen. On the backdrop of a nostalgic beat that could have been from the late ’90s, with crisps and incisive lyrics, he takes you through different phases of life joy, pain, regret, and desire.

SLIM starts with a message about race issues in society, and he also speaks about the lack of loyalty in general. However, he also goes on to shout out those in his life who have his back. His cadence is calm and not aggressive, and his words clear and simple.

SLIM MUCHO keeps you engaged, not just because the subjects he speaks on are relatable and relevant in society. Its the sincerity in his voice that keeps you hooked. It’s a testament to why the track is titled ‘SINCERELY MUCHO’.

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