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K.I.N.G. the MC’s Prayer For This Crazy World

Thu Apr 30 2020

K.I.N.G. the MC’s prayer for this Crazy World. God knows it needs urgent attention and fixing. He pours his heart right out from the jump about the unbalanced nature of the world. He lyrically meanders on the ominous instrumentals narrating his belief in the form of prose. You can feel the emotions from K.I.N.G the […]


Fri Mar 13 2020

SLIM MUCHO drops gems on ‘SINCERELY MUCHO’ for whoever is smart enough to listen. On the backdrop of a nostalgic beat that could have been from the late ’90s, with crisps and incisive lyrics, he takes you through different phases of life joy, pain, regret, and desire. SLIM starts with a message about race issues […]

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