Simon Lewis Releases The Emotionally Rich Heaven Only Knows

by Marcus Adetola

7th April, 2020

Heaven Only Knows by Simon Lewis embodies hope beyond heartbreak. Heartbreak is inevitable itself, so is the metamorphosis that comes after such a harrowing experience. With a harmonic resonance to stop time, Simon renders an uplifting and charismatic piece to mend a broken heart.

“This song is about this particular harsh feeling of loss, we feel whenever we have to leave the ones we love, but its also about new beginnings and the hope that lies beyond. It’s not just about loving someone, it’s also about allowing yourself to be loved.” – Simon Lewis

With soft, raw vocals and rippling piano, Heaven Only Knows is an atmospheric and emotionally rich song. It is filled with warmth and tender melancholy sure to stop anyone’s heart.

“Heaven only knows why you keep your heart all to yourself”

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