Anna Wolf
Photo by Paul Harries

Anna Wolf is an extremely rare artist simply on the basis of her fearless experimentation. She has all the conventional quirks expected of an Indie Electro singer. For example, her vocals are a cross between Ellie Goulding and Diana Vickers at times, and she traditionally drops a finger picked arpeggio on the acoustic over chilled, drum programming. However, do you know anyone else that will randomly throw an unexpected and rhythmically Dubstep-esque chorus, in the vein of Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart,’ as well as eventually crossing over into Country territory via the use of “cowboy” line dancing tempo in its middle 8 section? Allow us to introduce to you Anna’s second single ‘Silence.’

“I’ve got a million voices screaming in my head…”

‘Silence’ follows the powerful debut ‘Believer‘ and is about Wolf’s own struggle with anxiety. It was actually written several years ago but she wanted it to follow ‘Believer’ as the idea was about encounters with her fellow ‘wolves’, listeners and fans who felt safe in sharing their own stories and experiences of mental illness with her.

Wolf says, “It is hard to ignore the cry for help. I knew I had to dedicate a song to my fellow wolves and to let them know that they are not alone. We aren’t the stories we tell ourselves, we are merely the observers of.
The journey of becoming more and more silent in one self is where I feel comfort, as this is where my true self resides. It is a constant practise of course.

It is fair to say that Wolf’s new track is whirlwind of emotions, from the timid, vulnerable sounding vocal to a voice containing the upmost intensity and anger, as well as slightly throwing us back to the early sound of Nelly Furtado with its mix of acoustic guitars, and surreal Pop production. Anna Wolf is an exciting new artist and we are very intrigued to hear what the singer and songwriter releases next.

Remember where you heard ‘Silence’ first.

Anna Wolf Live Shows

Miller Music Management presents in assoc with Soho House – Monday 17th June @ The Ned, London, 7:30pm – special showcase performance

Musicgooroo presents – Friday 12th July @ Mirth, Marvel and Maud, London E17 (special UK debut theatre show)