Silence By DAMM Welcomes You Into A World of Intoxicating Harmonies

by Marcus Adetola

31st July, 2020

Silence welcomes you into a world of intoxicating harmonies by DAMM. It’s a glorious festival of unique and ambient sounds. The sonic vibes of Silence reverberate with an array of ambient sounds that acts as a prelude to ecstasy.

With an edgy seductive aura created by the catchy melodies mixed in with the drum sounds and rumbling basses, DAMM’s sexy vocals whirl enticing you into a state of altered consciousness. Silence is a climatic gateway to escape into a world of intensifying sounds that passionately caresses. Though the song is called Silence, it speaks volumes, a testament to the talent and creativity present.

DAMM is the alias of Amsterdam native vocalist and songwriter Marleen Wegdam.

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