Seershas 'The Beach' Is A Blissful Concoction Of Sounds“When I was a little girl I always loved the beach
Pick up seashells one by one and take them home with me”

Seersha’s ‘The Beach’ is a blissful concoction of sounds. The creative blend of textural percussion samples, marimba sounds, and bass creates an atmospheric and emotional feeling that is so pleasing it wraps around you like a warm embrace.

Everything about ‘The Beach’ is serene and peaceful and it washes tranquil waves over you. The sound frequencies emanating from the instruments are sure to raise dopamine levels.

The harmonies and repetitive nature of the song reiterates a childlike, lullaby-like feeling, and the music video pushes those ideas further as it was edited by Seersha featuring home video footage.

There is something about ‘The Beach’ that recalls happy memories from your childhood, which you should never let go of.