Seaker Deftly Weaves Themes Of Childhood & Nature Into New Single

by Lucy Lerner

16th July, 2019

“quickly the track seemed to develop a mind of its own”

Seakerreturns with another soothing track which reminds us of the calming effects of water and even takes us back to her single ‘The Waters’ from two years ago. This talented singer-songwriter certainly has a knack for weaving themes of nature into her music. ‘Woven’ started as a gift for her mother after a close childhood friend of hers became sick. They discussed roots connecting to branches to trees which in turn developed into metaphors for intertwining relationships which stem from childhood. It began as a fairly simple melody but evolved into something far more intricate with Kiran’s distinctive stamp on it – ethereal, haunting vocals and textured layers.

Initially I planned to record something very bare bones, a live take with the piano and voice, but quickly the track seemed to develop a mind of its own and before I knew I was asking friends to play on the song and it became a more developed production. I didn’t write it to be released as it was a more personal thing, but as time went on I felt I wanted to release it. I’ve shed quite a few tears over it and I’m very connected to it now. It feels like it’s probably one of the most personal songs I’ve written. I always aim to be honest, so I want to share it,” Seaker says of her new release.

‘Woven’ was written and produced by Seaker and mixed by Rick David at Pink Bird Studios. After a brief absence Seaker has been back in the studio and more releases are planned over the coming months.

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